Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bring Back the Jeepster!

The following entry is addressed to a specific group of readers. If there happens to be any decision makers from Daimlar Chryslar reading my blog than please take note to the following: You need to bring back the Jeepster. You have stayed true to the Wrangler, giving it four doors as well as giving it a pickup bed with the Rubicon. I support these decisions. They almost make up for the Liberty. Man, that was a mistake.

But just look at the Jeepster. Has there been a cooler car ever made? Take this design, put some modern engineering into it and you have the biggest seller in your history. Of course the classic Cherokee was selling just fine and you replaced it with the damn Liberty, so you can't really be trusted.

You know, while you're at, bring back the Wagoneer as well. The SUV that was around long before the term "SUV". From 1985 to 1994, the tan Wagoneer with wood panels was the Westenskow family trade-mark. 8 miles a gallon, baby. That's reason enough to start manufacturing them again. So get on that.

Note: So in my search of online images of Jeeps, I came across a Jeepster concept car. My blog's effectiveness can't be denied. It's a cool looking car, but it doesn't look like a Jeepster. Damn it, man. Just because it's new, doesn't mean that it needs look like the Batmobile. Stay within yourself, Jeep. Know who you are. Embrace it.

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cool_guy said...

"i'm just a Jeepster for your love..."