Monday, July 28, 2008

Top Five Records

So one recurring feature I plan to have is a “5 song intro” to various bands I like to listen to. And by “recurring”, I mean “do it two or three times, lose interest and then never do it again.” Much like every effort in my life to keep a journal.

The current age of music sharing is truly mind boggling. I often just scroll through my ipod and just grin like an idiot at my incredibly awesome music collection. And then I consider that I paid zero dollars for the bulk of this catalog and I get an honest to goodness boner. (What did you think the link was going to be? Again, all my links are sfw)

By the way, I would like to take this moment and thank all the good people out there who pay real money for online music, when it is available for free. You good, honest Americans (suckers) are keeping the music industry (Satan) profitable, so the authorities decide that it isn’t worth prosecuting file sharers (cheap, thieving bastards) like myself. Thank you.

It used to be that your buddy would make a mix tape of the better known songs as well as a few obscure gems of any given band and that got you started. You took your time listening, usually while mowing the lawn or folding newspapers or whatever crap job you had in 7th grade. To this day I have flashbacks of washing dishes at Niko, a Japanese restaurant by my house, whenever I listen to Zeppelin IV. You had the time to come to your own conclusions, usually repeating the songs that were familiar and branching out into the others in good time. It takes effort to really know a band. It takes time and quite a bit of care to digest their music, to really examine if you like it and why, ever weary of being a poser. Upon concluding that this sample was worthy, one would then make the next investment of buying actual albums. Sadly, the mix tape (few f words on this one, but Jack Black is very funny) has become a thing of the past.

It is for this reason I give you the 5 song introduction to fill-in-the-blank. A quick sample of some of the defining characteristics of a given artist that may give you a deeper insight into who they are. And maybe you’ll find something you like.


Spencer said...

Honestly, I have never seen anyone who has put more time and effort into stealing music than Brian. You know how most people (girls) will download a song they like and then not care if the title is all wrong and it says it's by phish when it's really by a band named The Gourds? Well not Brian! This guy downloaded entire cd's one song at a time and then organized them so that the cd he burned would reflect the actual order of songs on the original album. I stood amazed. He was a like a real live bittorrent.

BusterBluth52 said...

i wasted a lot of years on limewire, clogging Ramsey's laptop up with viruses. But he didn't seem to mind.