Friday, July 25, 2008

"That's right, Ice . . . Man, I am Dangerous"

So here's a link to an enjoyable article espousing the "Saturday afternoon, seen it a thousand times but since it's on TV I'll watch it anyway" value of Top Gun. They call it Hangover Theater. Believe me, the experience of seeing Top Gun, yet again is just as soothing whether you have the taste of vomit in your mouth or not.

So we all are aware of the overwhelming gay overtones of this movie (and Tom Cruise in general). But just for fun, check out the lyrics of the song by the Great Kenny Logins (his proper name) to 'Playing With the Boys" that you hear during the greatest scene involving playing beach volleyball in jeans ever put to film. By the way, I love how the bother to tape up their hands but can't spend the time to put on a pair of shorts. My buddy Cousin John and I were planning to film a frame by frame homage using slightly chubby, pasty white people. But it never happened. That's the kind of regret that going to haunt me on my deathbed.

But now; the lyrics-

I’m moving in slow motion,
Feels so good,
It’s a strange anticipation,
Knock, knock, knocking on wood (very subtle, Kenny)
Bodies working overtime
Man against man
And all that ever matters
Is baby who’s ahead in the game
Funny but it’s always the same

Playing, playing with the boys
Playing, playing with the boys
After chasing sunsets
One of life’s simple joys
Is playing with the boys

Tobias Funke could not have written any gayer lyrics.

One more note; the actor who plays Jester is named Michael Ironside. Could there be a cooler more manly last name than Ironside? Maybe Slaughter or Mannilow but I think Ironside wins. Wasn't there a Transformer called Ironside?

Enjoy the article, though there are a few swear words. Fair warning.

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