Sunday, December 13, 2009

That Fat Fat Beagle.

I've written about Coco before. She was the morbidly obese beagle that my brothers and I had growing up. Last week, I was rummaging around a box of VHS tapes in my parent's basement looking for a particular home movie from a million years ago and I found this little beauty. This is a video my brother Cam and I made that we called "Pud's Greatest Hits". Basically it's our fat dog walking around set to the music of Queen and The Beatles.

I thought I'd throw this baby up on Youtube. This is a viral sensation waiting to happen! Right? Hey, if it's a hit, I can go to the Youtube convention and meet the "Leave Britney Alone" guy, the drugged out kid leaving the dentist and the news lady that fell smashing grapes. One can only dream.

It was cut together with two VCR's in 1995. So it's quite choppy. But it does capture the essence of the finest dog to ever live. ( I realize by saying that, I'm indirectly insulting your dog. Sorry. But Coco really is better. Live with it.)



Earth Sign Mama said...

Thanks for the huge, guffawing laughter!! Fantastic! She was a dear, wasn't she?

Informant said...

You're up to 14 views on youtube. Nice work.

While you're on youtube, please check out my favorite video ever posted there.

"Like most people, I have interests."

BusterBluth52 said...

Hey John, I got 30 views on the first day. Alright? I'm only 91 years away from hitting a million. Viral sensation if I've ever seen one.

JK, I found some gold while rummaging around. Thanksgiving 1986 in Smoot. Everyone is there. It features some nice footage of an 8 year old Jessie licking the nose of a rat.