Friday, August 28, 2009

Peaches In The Summertime, Apples In The Fall

Is there anything on Earth better than a really good peach? I'm not sure that there is. Juicy but not sloppy. Tender but not mushy. And an explosion of flavor. Seriously. It's a pleasure I look forward to every August. Of course, there are few things worse than a terrible peach. That's why you gotta be patient.

So with that, let me share a song by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman that mentions a peach exactly once in four and half minute. I've never been a big Dead fan, but I love Jerry's solo bluegrass he did with Grisman.

Good music. Good peaches. It's a good day. It really doesn't take that much to make me happy.

I could have posted a number of songs now that I think about it. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" because you got the peaches, I got the cream. Well done Joe Elliott. Brilliant word play. "The Joker" is another option. Because in addition to Steve Miller, I too love your peaches and I indeed would like to shake your tree. But Steve Miller Band may be the worst 70's band of all time. Okay, Foreigner is the worst 70's band of all time. But Steve Miller is pretty awful. I still like a few of their songs, but I reserve the right to enjoy music that, objectively speaking, is pure crap. I could have gone with The Presidents of the United States of America. But as bad as Steve Miller is, they are far worse. In fact, one could accurately call them the Steve Miller Band of the 90's.

You know, while I'm rambling about nothing in particular, what exactly is the specific innuendo behind peaches? It's a common stripper name (so I've been told). There's clearly no shortage of sexual remarks in several different songs. Are peaches supposed to be boobs? Weren't melons enough? I guess peaches have the little crease that kind of resembles a camel toe, but that meeting you more than half way. And they're kind of fuzzy. Okay, I just answered my own question. In fact, if you reread my first paragraph with that in mind, well . . . . . damn it. How did an innocent, random post about seasonal fruit turn into porn?

Sorry, everybody.


mrsfussypants said...

How quickly you digress.....

I am now going to go downstairs and eat a lovely peach and try not to think of camel's toes. Thanks a lot buddy.

Informant said...

There are two glaring errors in this post. First, Steve Miller Band is the absolute worst band in the history of the world. It isn't even a close call. Second, Foreigner sucks, but they do have Jukebox Hero, so they cannot be the worst band.

Also, I found a great video for you on youtube, here's the link: It is the current (ish?) lineup of Foreigner performing a medley of Jukebox Hero and Whole Lotta Love. Finally, a version of a Zeppelin song that is tolerable .

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