Friday, October 3, 2008

A Quick Thought Regarding Bullriding

So I'm flipping through the channels the other day and I caught a few minutes of Bull Riding. I think rodeo is pretty cool. I have been to a few and have always enjoyed myself. And I have a total respect for the guys that climb on the back of a 8,000 pound bull and ride the thing.

But doesn't it look a little weird to see bull riders wearing a helmet? Don't get me wrong. It's a smart thing to do. There's no way I would climb on the back of an animal that wants to kill me, without one. But I'm just saying it looks funny. A guy riding a bull needs to wear a cowboy hat. It's the rules.

I have worked with cows a little bit on my uncle's farm, growing up. Branding, dehorning, cutting their balls off. That's a tough day for those cows. I imagine if animals that were smaller and weaker than me, say a bunch of cute Pomeranians, pulled that crap with people I knew, I wouldn't like it. And then if one of those same Pomeranians jump on my back and tried to ride me for the amusement of other Pomeranians, I would feel justified in bucking it off and stomping it to death. So the Pomeranian would be wise to protect them self. (That, my friends, is one convoluted metaphor. My apologies)

For the record, I'm all for bull riding. Don't misinterpret that last paragraph. But if the bull riders do get bucked off and trampled, they kind of have it coming. So I'm all for helmets too. But they need to design a helmet / cowboy hat combo. Like a regular helmet whose hard plastic is molded in the shape of a cowboy hat. That or they should wear one of those giant foam cowboy hats over their helmet. That way it could fly off when they swing their arm around. That always looks cool.

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