Monday, December 1, 2008

Do you ever wish that life was like a Juicy Fruit commercial?

Well, it’s December. This means cold short days, coworkers coughing their brains out in the cubicle next to you and lots of Lexus commercials that feature luxury cars sitting in a driveway with a giant bow on them. “Gee honey, you either dropped fifty grand out of our savings on this thing or you entered into a massive financial commitment on my behalf for a glorified Toyota. Thank you very much.”

One good thing about the dreary months of the Utah winter is skiing. Now, I’m not going to pretend to be a ski guy. I’m not. I didn't ski that often growing up and I only go about 10 times a year now a days. And I suck. Oh man, do I suck. I can get down the hill okay. But you won’t see me attacking any moguls or flying over any cliffs. Although as much fun as I have gliding down the mountain, somehow I never seem to enjoy myself quite as much as these guys.

Every single time I pull into the parking lot at Alta and I start the awkward ski boot Frankenstein walk to the ticket office, my brain starts playing this Juicy Fruit commercial. It’s kind of annoying, really. But with the glory of Youtube, I get to again experience the random images that I somehow remember 20 years later. That “Simon and Simon” country style guitar, that one guy following the pack of gum with his nose, the way the one girl folds the gum in half with her tongue when she “pops it in her mouth”.

Who are you to resist? If Juicy Fruit is powerful enough to get the Chief to talk to McMurphy, it is powerful enough to make you a great skier. It chews so soft, it get’s right to you. Juicy Fruit. The taste the taste the taste is gonna move you!

I am shameless tool of the Wrigley Corporation.

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Gregg said...

That one guy following the pack of gum with his nose is used in several commercials. Both the waterskking one and the snow skiing one. How lazy. It's like in Rocky IV when it shows Pauly rubbing the black guys head in excitement twice.