Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holy Crap, This Campaign is Finally Over

Well not quite yet, but I'll save you the suspense; Obama wins.

So for the last 18 months or so I have really enjoyed following this presidential campaign. It has been historical for many different reasons and I have been fascinated by the strategy and gamesmanship of everyone involved.

Even though I voted for Bush twice (in 04 I voted against Kerry), it will be nice to get new blood in the White House. I have defended that guy enough over the last eight years. Whenever W. speaks, I feel like the parents of a little kid giving an oral presentation at school. I know what he's trying to say, I'm just nervous he'll screw it up. I feel like mouthing the words and telling him to smile when he's stammering through another press conference. I'm not asking for a car salesman or a preacher to be president. Just someone who is reasonably articulate and knows how to pronounce the word "nuclear". It'll be nice to not have to worry about that anymore.

But as interesting as this campaign has been, man it will be nice to have it behind us. Really, it's been a lot like the NBA Playoffs. Interesting, compelling and important (yes the playoffs are important to my sad life). But like the NBA playoffs, it goes on way too damn long and the team I was going for (Mitt) got knocked out early. So for the last eight months or so I have been more interested in making sure that the one team I hate beyond belief (Hillary / Lakers) didn't win it all. Fortunately on both counts, they didn't.

Like the Celtics winning the title, I'm OK with Obama winning. The Celtics aren't my favorite team, I wasn't filled with joy when they won. But if my guy is going down early, I can live with Barack. Look, I know he hasn't won yet. It's still early in the day, but believe me Ohio and Pennsylvania will be going blue.

So it's finally the middle of June, the Celtics have won. Time to start looking at the free agency market and the draft for the off season (2012). Of course, I am open to the possibility that Obama could be the real thing. Hell, I begging and pleading that he is.

With an economic crisis, a two front war, the ever present threat of terrorism and a very low standing in the international community not to mention Iran, China, Pakistan and Russia posing serious threats to us and the world, it is hard to feel good about being an American. I'm not talking about patriotism. Patriotism is a loaded word that has been weaponized over the last decade. I'm talking about a collective self esteem. I take some comfort in knowing that it sucks a lot worse elsewhere, but that's a pretty shallow reason to feel good about yourself. (Our economy sucks but it's better than Europe and East Asia) Hell, it feels like Jimmy Carter has been running the country. I've had enough of the malaise.

Of all the things this country needs right now, it is some semblance of unity. We need a moon landing or a gold medal in hockey. And even though I'm not one for sentiment, the inauguration of an African American President is a really big deal that every American can feel good about, regardless of your political persuasion. Sure there are going to be people that hate him no matter what, but just tune those people out. Odds are decent that the next four years are gonna be pretty rough due to the reasons stated above. So I say, feel good while you can.

But the best thing about this all being over is that the news outlets can now find something else to snipe about. Man am I sick of the cheap shot, smoke screen, spin job, bullcrap excuse for news that has been vomited out of MSNBC and Fox News over the last year. On one hand you have the stubborn, shallow borderline hateful smearing of Sean Hannity. "If I yell loud enough and refuse to listen to anybody, they will eventually give up and that means I was right." By the way, did you know that Hamas paid for Obama's law degree at Harvard?

On the other side you have the insufferably smug lecturing of the shit talking ass from Cornell, Keith Olberman. "Political hyperbole, pious indignation combined with an ever present effort to compare myself to Edward R Morrow makes my vile hatchet jobs look objective and fact based and not the angry rantings of a cocksucker dying to validate himself as something more than a damn sportscaster."

By the way, Edward R Morrow would hate Keith Olberman.

And now, a hilarious spoof of the previously mentioned shit talking ass from Cornell. I'm quite conflicted with this SNL skit. I hate Ben Affleck. I actually gain quite a bit of pleasure in hating Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck being a talentless tool, somehow gives my chaotic life balance. And yet, he's dead on perfect in ripping the hell out this asshole. Seriously, Olberman needs to come down from his cross.

Good night and good luck.

Update: I've always thought that Obama's public speaking skills have been over rated. I wasn't terribly impressed by either his 04 or 08 Democratic Convention speaches. I think he has received a lot of credit due to the low expectations set by W. We've been listening to him long enough that anything half way articulate sounds inspiring. But last night, Obama knocked it out of the park.

I said yesterday that I, as an American, was looking for a reason to feel good. Well, the guy I didn't vote for gave it to me. The crowds in Chicago, New York, DC and elsewhere combined with his very inclussive words that invite everyone on board were exactly what our country needed to hear and see. Now I think that any good speech at best has the same effect of a warm bath. It feels good for a while, but quickly fades. But I'll take it.


cool_guy said...

Buster - once agin you have summed it up nicely... Well done!

BusterBluth52 said...

Thanks, Cool Guy.